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Valentine’s day Promotion: Cupid is at it again! PROMO ENDED

Hello to you, our beloved caffeinated friends!

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday season. Did your year start out well? Did you make new resolutions for 2018? Yes? We did too! We will try to do more promotions this year, hopefully one every 2-3 months. Not bad, hey? And since Valentine’s day is approaching and we’ve just received our mega order of green coffee – we wouldn’t want to run out of coffee ???? – we’re starting out strong, with the one that our long-time customers are waiting for impatiently

For the 6th consecutive year, our Valentine’s day promotion 10% More Love is back!

You can blame it Cupid, you know, that little chubby kid, God of Love and love child of Venus and Mars, wandering around naked, shooting magical arrows to unsuspecting mortals to make them fall in love? Well, since Bruno and I were already in love, the effect ricocheted, and we deeply fell for… you guys!

So, to charm our beloveds, we are offering more elixir to enjoy, caffeinated or not. But make haste! Because the effects of Cupid’s arrow will not last for long. From now until February 12 at midnight, every bag will get 10% more coffee, which means:

  • ½lb (227gr) becomes 250gr
  • 1lb (454gr) becomes 500g
  • 2lb (908gr) becomes 1kg

Oh dear! Now is the time to stock up! This way, you will have even more love to enjoy, either by yourself or in good company, until our next promotion that is ????

And for those whose orders were made or sent this morning, not to worry! There’s more love for you too.

On this note, we wish you a lovely Valentine’s day to you and your beloveds ♥♥♥

The Team

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  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other Promotion or Coupon Code
  • This offer does not apply to Géogène products or the Discovery Bag
  • Please take note that the cut off time can be changed at any time without notice, depending on demand

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