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Trésor de Tarrazu 227gr.

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Imagine the “Trésor de Tarrazu” as the coffee that makes you do the happy dance every morning. It’s the kind of thing that would get you hooked, but in the best way possible. Directly imported from Costa Rica, this coffee is like a rare gem from Tarrazu – hard to find, but once you get your hands on it, it’s a jackpot.

The beans grow where the sun and rain perform their little magical act, creating a brew that makes you feel like you’ve found the best coffee. It smells like a tropical garden, with notes of fruits having a party in your cup.

You wake up in the morning, brew a cup of “Trésor de Tarrazu”, and just like that, you’re on a Costa Rican beach (even if you’re just in your kitchen in pajamas). It is a coffee that makes your mornings as special as a surprise party. The “Trésor de Tarrazu” is the magic potion for incredible days.

WEIGHT: 227 g (1/2 lb)

Tropical fruit and floral notes, green grape, caramel, sharp and strong acidity, and a good mouthfeel.

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Trésor de Tarrazu
Trésor de Tarrazu 227gr.
21.00$ or subscribe and save 5%