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Our Secret

What sets apart, is that we only buy a first quality selection of the world’s best arabica coffee beans. Our commitment to you, is to offer you only the best quality coffee beans and roast them right before shipping for maximum freshness. All that at incredible prices!

Our priority is the freshness of our product, which is why we roast our coffees in a smaller roaster, to maximize the aromas of your favourite cup and offer you a unique experience in every sip. This is also why we guarantee a quick delivery to all our clients.

Transparency: What’s the secret of our competitive prices?

  • Our coffees are packaged in plain, airtight bags, without artifice;
  • We use recycled and recyclable boxes for shipping;
  • We only sell our products online so, no store, no call center and no sales people, which keeps our operating costs at a minimum;
  • Fast delivery through Canada Post.

At, we are passionate about coffee, and we wish for all of our clients to taste the difference that freshly roasted quality coffee makes. You will not find anything equal to this in the offerings of big commercial brands or stores.

So, do not hesitate to try our great tasting coffees. You will notice the difference immediately and won’t be able to go without!

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