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Are we still operational? COVID-19 update

Hi everyone,

We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe in these uncertain times and that the promise of spring will bring a little warmth to your heart!

We are writing today because we’ve received many questions concerning what is presently happening. Such as, will we be doing an Easter promotion like we do every year. You will understand that our plans have pretty much gone out the window with everything going on right now, which means there will be no Easter promotion this year. We will try to answer as many questions as we can in the next few paragraphs and if an answer is not there, please don’t hesitate to ask your question in the comments!

Are you open?

First off, everyone on our team, as well as our awesome roastery, are doing wonderfully well! No one is sick, we’re washing our hands like crazy and using a lot of Purell! ???? All jokes aside, our supply of green coffee is coming in as usual, and we continue to roast and ship your orders via Canada Post and Purolator, as well as making our local deliveries for Sherbrooke area customers. So it’s business as usual for us. By the way, a warm welcome to our over 30 new customers who decided to take a chance with us this last weekend!

I did not receive an email confirmation that my order has been shipped

We presently find ourselves in a whirlwind of orders. A nice problem to have, but it is causing slight delays in the processing of your orders. If you’ve received an order confirmation, you will receive a shipping confirmation as soon as your order is roasted and shipped. Check your email regularly. It’s also possible that answers to your emails might take a little longer than usual in this new reality, but all will be answered in time. We want to sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding and are truly sorry for these additional delays.

As you might imagine, this rise in demand was somewhat unforeseen… Usually when we do a promotion, we stock up with a “mega inventory”, and since we only had a “regular” inventory, we were caught off guard! Which means that your favourite coffee may find itself temporarily out of stock. Not to worry, just add your email on the product page and you’ll be notified as soon as it is back in stock.

Will you run out of coffee? (*UPDATE March 31st)

We should be receiving our green coffee order on Thursday, so everything should get back to normal. We don’t expect any shortage of green coffee, as long as our beloved truck drivers can continue making their deliveries. And since they’re an essential service, we don’t expect those deliveries to stop anytime soon. So, no problem for your favourite coffee supplier ???? We will continue processing your orders from Monday to Friday (except for holidays), as we’ve been doing since 2001! However, please take into consideration that shipping delays are also possible for Canada Post or Purolator, if a number of their employees are on sick leave or are new and inexperienced. Your kindness towards those who deliver your coffee is much appreciated.

*Canada Post has just informed us that they are suspending all of their on-time delivery guarantees for the foreseeable future.

Additional safety mesures

As of now, when doing local deliveries, please be advised that we will ring the doorbell, leave your order at your door, then walk away before you answer. Our goal is not to be impolite, but to respect social distancing recommendations, for your safety and ours.

Lastly, thanks again for your kind words! Sympathetic, encouraging, sometimes funny and heartwarming, they go straight to our hearts ????

You must be crazy busy! Thanks for supplying us with great coffee! Don’t worry, we understand if you need to substitute or take more time. As long as we have dark roasts for our mornings and decafs for our evenings, we will survive ????”

Running out of toilet paper is fine, but coffee, NEVER! Thank you!”

“Hope you are all well! Be safe!”

“Continue taking care of your customers. We feel safe doing business with you. Thanks again”

“Thanks for being there during this pandemic! We will get through this social distancing. Coffee is such a BIG PART of life’s little pleasures, specially now! Big virtual hugs to you, you are happiness makers!”

We want to thank everyone out there working really hard to get us back to normal as fast as possible. Healthcare professionals, essential services employees, delivery personnel, grocery store clerks and all of you doing your part by staying home, a big thank you!! We are extremely grateful.

Take this time to relax, take a breath, be safe but also, take care of others by taking care of yourself, because prevention is the best medicine…♥

The Team

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