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Vacation in 6 days!


I know it’s been awhile since we last talked. We’ve had such a busy summer and fall… a nice problem to have, really ????

When I do write to you, it’s usually to tell you about a number of things. I do try to put everything I have to say in one single newsletter, so as to not bombard you with emails.


First off, please be advised that we will be closed from November 8 to 17 inclusively. Those who have been with us for many years, know that we usually do a promotion before we leave, to alleviate the workload on our return. We were supposed to give a reusable bag with every purchase of 80$ or more. However, there were a few technical glitches…the bags, that we recently changed for dark coffee colour in the spring, are sadly no longer available. We had to start from scratch. But wait, there’s more. We just learned that the company printing the bags made a mistake, which means that it has to redo all of them, so no promotion  🙁  But as we do every year – for almost 20 years now – there will surely be a Christmas promotion! Maybe Santa will be extra generous  ????


When talking to customers lately, I’ve noticed that since about the beginning of October, our communications often find themselves in their spam folder. Some customers have even been offended that they did not receive an answer to their questions… Please know that we always answer your questions as soon as we possibly can – usually the same day or within a few working days at most. For the times when our workload gets too intense and roasting/shipping your orders take priority, we would like to thank you for your patience. And don’t forget to add Northern-Coffee to your list of approved email addresses so you don’t miss anything!

Bye Bye Honey, Welcome to our New Future Coffee

Sadly, it is the end for the Costa Rica Las Nacientes… We still don’t know if we will offer it again. We hope so, because even though it only had 3 reviews, it was a favourite of many of you. Maybe next year, who knows?

In the meantime, we’re trying to find a new arabica worthy of you! We presently have an eye on the Nicaragua Maragogype! You know, those gigantic elephant coffee beans, an arabica variety that produces extremely big and porous beans? Many of you were awaiting its return impatiently. However, contrary to the one we used to offer a few years ago, this one will unfortunately not be certified Fair Trade. Stay tuned for this new arrival!


You know, as a company offering many eco-responsible coffees, we’re trying to find every possible way to be green ourselves, without penalizing you or compromising the quality of our products. When you order 5lb of the same coffee (or any multiple of 5), it is possible for us to package it in a compostable/recyclable 5lb paper bag (just ask for it in the Order Notes at checkout). However, make sure you have a hermetically sealed container, big enough to transfer your bag, because even though it is eco-responsible, it is far from ideal for storing your coffee and keeping it fresh. Furthermore, all coffees from the Géogène line are also packaged in eco-responsible bags.

And for those making big orders for a group of people, we totally understand the usefulness of our 1lb bags. For others, it might be something to consider ????

How to Store your Coffee

We all try to do our part for the environment, so maybe the information below might help you with your next coffee choices.

Whole coffee beans will keep twice as long as ground coffee, about 5 weeks without any loss of flavour or aroma. You could very well keep your coffee in the freezer for a few weeks, even a few months, then take it out when you’re ready. According to some tests and studies, this method could prolong your coffee’s freshness. The important thing is, once you unfreeze and open it, then you must keep it at room temperature in its original bag or in an airtight container (stainless steel, ceramic or quality glass jar) and away from direct sunlight. Never unfreeze and refreeze your coffee, because the beans are porous and will absorb surrounding odours. Let them unfreeze in a dark cupboard, the perfect place!

Keeping your coffee fresher longer is not that hard. Like a good bottle of wine, you just need to store it properly. Ideally, it would be to buy your coffee regularly and grind it yourself, right before infusion, to get the most out of your coffee’s unique flavour and aroma. But even if the coffee is ground, it is done so right before we ship it to you, so you’re certain to get the freshest coffee possible, much fresher than whatever coffee you could find at any big name store, which by the way, rarely have a roasting date on them. How much time do you think has passed between these coffees being roasted, warehoused, shipped, sold and their arrival in your home?

Last Words

More and more of you are sharing your comments about our coffees with us through Facebook, Google, our phone conversations, even in our Order Notes at checkout. We wish to thank you once again and tell you how much we truly appreciate your kind words, as much as ever ♥

On this note, don’t forget that you have until 10 AM Thursday November 7 to place an order. After this date, your order will be processed on our return from vacation, on Monday November 18. We hope to come back well roasted, but mostly well rested for the start of the big Holiday season!

Your devoted caffeinated team

  • Please take note that the cut off time (10 AM) can be changed at any time without notice, depending on demand. Check your email to know if your order has been shipped.
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