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Valentine’s Day: 10% more, until February 15! PROMO ENDED

Hello to you, our beloved caffeinated friend!

In our January newsletter, we told you about Valentine’s Day and a few novelties. You know where we’re going with this.. ???? But first, a few things…

Géogène Coffee

You were many to try some of these coffees. The Barista Sam, along with us, would sincerely like to know what you think about them! We would truly appreciate any comments you could give us. Thank you in advance.

New Look

Many of you already saw the pictures on our Facebook page or Twitter feed, or even witnessed them with your own eyes after placing an ordered. Indeed, we had a wonderful surprise waiting for us on our return! Our coffee bags have a new look and we couldn’t be prouder! Same quality content, in a much sleeker and robust design. We love it! ????

A few of you have asked us about biodegradable bags. Well, you should know that for any order of 5lb of the same coffee (or multiples of 5), it is entirely possible for us to put your coffee in these bags. However, since these bags are made of paper, they are not the best for long term storage – even though they are better for the environment – make sure you have hermetically sealed containers to keep your coffee. If this option appeals to you, please let us know in the Order Notes on the right side of the checkout page.

Recurring Orders Subscriptions

We’ve been talking about it for a while now… and we’re almost there! We’re hoping to announce it in our next newsletter! Just a bit more patience.

Valentine’s Day Promotion

Our mega order of green coffee is finally here, so now is the time for our annual Valentine’s Day Promotion (for over 10 years now!)! We mentioned it in our last newsletter that it was coming and really, we were planning on doing it sooner. But with the amount of orders waiting for us when we came back from vacation and our green coffee supply getting way too low, we just couldn’t. By the way, we wanted to apologize for our delayed responses to your emails, we’re usually much faster than that… that being said, back to the promotion!

We know, this promotion is everything but original. But you love it so much! So why not ???? Cupid is doing it again by offering you more goodness to enjoy, caffeinated or not. But hurry, the effect of Cupid’s arrow will not last forever.

From now until February 15 midnight, every bag you order will get 10% more love. Which means:

  • ½lb (227gr) becomes 250gr
  • 1lb (454gr) becomes 500g
  • 2lb (908gr) becomes 1kg

Stock up on your favourites! This way, you should be fine until the next promotion ????

Lastly, every order processed and shipped today will also get more love in each bag. So don’t worry! You will also take part in this promotion!

On this note, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and everyone you love ????

The Team ????

      • No Coupon Code needed – your bags will be adjusted automatically
      • Minimum purchase required (4lb)
      • Valid until Friday February 15 at MIDNIGHT
      • Offer not valid on Géogène products or the Discovery bag
      • Please take note that the cut off time can be changed at any time without notice, depending on demand
      • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other Promotion or Coupon Code and cannot be postponed at a later date
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