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New Products: Ô Naturel Teas ** DISCONTINUED

We have something new for you!! is happy to introduce a new selection of premium quality teas!

Ô Naturel is an up and coming Sherbrooke company that has a small but distinctive selection of teas of exceptional quality. All of their ingredients are guaranteed natural, free from additives and chemical preservatives.

An experienced herbalist puts all of her knowledge to create unique and flavorful recipes that will delight your taste buds. Conscious of the healing potential of plants and their ability to bring the body back into balance, she also makes therapeutic herbal teas, approved and accredited by Health Canada, which can be a natural complement to medical treatments.

As you know, our mission at Northern-Coffee is to offer you the best quality products possible, while also being socially and ecologically responsible. Another reason why we are very proud to be collaborating with Ô Naturel (to know more).

Choosing between coffee and tea is like choosing between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones… you can like both  😉

Try our new selection of teas, you’ll be delighted!!

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