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Which Coffee Should I Choose…

We get this question a lot!!

With so many different coffees and blends, not to mention the different roasting options, it could be hard to choose. So we thought we would make it easier by giving you a few of our master roaster’s suggestions… so here we go!

Dark Roast

If you like your coffee strong and flavorful without any bitterness, then you’ll love our dark roasts! Our master roaster is not a fan of “burnt coffee”, so he lovingly roasts the beans at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. You will taste the difference  : )

Medium Roast

Our medium roasts or ½ light ½ dark blends are great when you want a rich, flavorful cup, not too intense nor too mellow. Perfect for espressos!!

Light Roast

If you love your coffee smooth and mellow (like me!), then you’ll love our light roasts

There you have it!
It’s all a question of taste, or course



6 thoughts on “Which Coffee Should I Choose…”

  1. Hello,

    This is my first time ordering from you. I would love to get some free samples.
    I prefer medium roast. Now could I use the same coffee for both regular drip coffee and espresso?
    I am vending at an event in June and am planning to serve thousands of cups of coffee/tea. Your help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Good morning!

      We would be happy to send you some medium roast samples with your first order.
      Our coffees can be prepared in any coffeemaker, it’s really a question of personal preference, but it is important to choose the right grind.

      For your event, you are at the right place for really great coffee that is sure to impress. 1lb of coffee makes about 100 cups in a percolator coffeemaker. And although we are confident that you will love our coffees, might we suggest that you taste test them before placing your big order (our Discovery Bag is filled with 10 of our most popular coffees and is a great way to get to know us!). June is still some ways away, so there ample time to work out the details.

      Hope we get to do business together!
      Have a great day!!


    • The important thing is to keep your coffee in an air tight container, at room temperature and away from light. Our bags are designed with a unidirectional valve that lets the air out and keeps the freshness in, as well as protecting your coffee from light (our 1lb bags are black and opaque). You may also wish to buy metal containers with rubber seals such as these , but rest assured that you can certainly leave them in our air tight bags.

      Whole beans will keep much longer than ground coffee, and even one month old coffee from Northern-Coffee will be a whole lot fresher than what you would buy at the grocery store, since we roast your coffee when you order it, not weeks or months before!

      Also, do not store bags of coffee in the freezer or refrigerator as humidity will crystallize within the beans and the coffee oils will be affected.

      You can read our article here or get more tips and tricks here


  2. I read somewhere that the blend of 2 different roast levels can result in under and over extraction. Is this true ?

    • Absolutly not!
      If that were the case, we wouldn’t have been making it since 2001 and our Unbelievable Blend would not be among our best sellers;)

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