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KeepCup – Keep the Cup! (Promo ended)

The title says it all!

What’s great about the KeepCup is that it:

  • is a replica of standard size disposable paper cups you find in any coffee shop or “get your coffee and go” kind of store.
  • fits perfectly into most coffee makers, car cup holders and many bicycle bottle holders.
  • is graduated on the inside to simplify filling.
  • is dishwasher safe and microwaveable with the lid off
  • has better thermal properties than a paper cup and is splashproof.
  • is made with BPA free plastic.
  • is light and unbreakable.
  • is made from parts that are  interchangeable, meaning that any of its components like the cover, thermal band and the plug can be exchanged between 2 or more KeepCups.
  • keeps no residual after taste or smell like thermos cups do.
  • won several prizes like the « ECO-Buy Green Supplier of the Year » (2011) and received a complimentary mention in « Emerging Export Awards »

In short, it’s very practical but mostly, ecological! Treat yourself or give one to a coffee afficionado!**

Only $14.65 $10,25 including taxes for the 12 oz. format***

Coffee scoopFurthermore, offers a stainless steel coffee scoop from Cuisinox as a gift with any order. You’ll no longer need to guess the right amount of coffee needed to make the perfect cup because this scoop contains exactly one table spoon (15ml). ***

**Counts for 2 lb for shipping
***Until Wednesday March 7!

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