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Northern Coffee’s Suggestions for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away!

For some of you, this will be a difficult time but, for others, it will be a time to celebrate. Whether you are single or in a couple, why not use this occasion to reinvent your coffee!?

Go ahead! Let your imagination run free and impress your Valentine, friend or yourself by adding some spice to your coffee at the end of your meal.

So, here are our suggestions:

  • Sprinkle some cinnamon on freshly grounded coffee just before infusion. This will give it a delicate cinnamon taste and some spike.
  • Combine ¼ cup of hot chocolate and ½ of coffee. Cover with whipped cream and a few chocolate shavings and serve with a chocolate spoon.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of brown sugar to ¾ cup of coffee and stir with a cinnamon stick. Serve in a saucer covered with cinnamon hearts.
  • Cover your coffee with whipped cream, sprinkle with some candy sprinkles for cake (red or otherwise).
  • Rim your glass with some citrus juice and sugar (brown sugar or maple sugar, etc).
  • Add your favorite liquor or alcohol!

I am a huge fan of coffee treats so I make these kinds of drinks all year round. This is the ideal moment to add some fantasy to your life if you haven’t done it already ;o) The combination possibilities are infinite! So, let yourself go and do not hesitate to share your inspirations and recipes!

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