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Foamy Promotion (ended on June 1st)

Following the publication of our articles on coffee grounds, I had the idea to make a soap based on our coffee. But unfortunately, I do not have this talent… Nobody’s perfect! 😉 On the other hand, someone I met on Twitter has that talent! She’s owned her small soap handcrafting business for 5 years called Les Créations de Josie. We decided to collaborate to work on this project.

After many tries, we are proud to present a soap crafted from coffee which also contains coconut oil and honey. It smells so good! Used in the bath or the shower, it makes your skin soft as it acts as an exfoliant in addition to leaving behind a delicate aroma. Used in the kitchen, it removes food odors from hands.

So, to present you this new product and get you to know Les Créations de Josie a little better, we’re please to offer you one each of the Roaster’s Secret and Blackberries & Vanilla soaps as a gift with any coffee order until June 1st.

Go ahead! Lather up on us! ;0)
Until the 1st of June.

For any extra information on the soaps (special orders, soap selections, fund-raising campaigns, etc), click here.

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