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Choco Promotion (ended on April 24 2011)

This promotion has ended

Who said that treats were for children only? After a great meal, what better than to have a truffle with your coffee! No, I’m not talking about rare mushrooms but about a chocolate treat invented in 1895 by a pastry cook named Louis Dufour. Truffle… there’s MY definition of a treat for adults! 😉

Our sweet treats supplier, Marich (founded in 1983 by M. Marinus Van Dam) spells the word “trufflz“. But however you spell it, I’m certain that you will love to savor our chocolate truffles, our Champagne truffles or our raspberries truffles. They are exquisite at any time of the day with or without coffee!

And what can be said about the macadamia nuts covered with dark chocolate… they are sublime! Put one on your coffee’s whipped cream or decorate your home made cake with them. Offer them as a gift to someone special or simply do as I do… hide somewhere to eat them so you won’t have to share! 😉

In order to thank you for your loyalty as well as give you the opportunity to treat yourselves with some sweets at Easter just as your kids will,  will send you 150 grams of chocolate covered almonds and 100 grams of Caramel Pistachios Covered with Organic chocolate (my favorites!) with any coffee order of 4 lbs min until Sunday April 24 or until they are out of stock..

You can also discover our other delicious treats as Café-Direct offers them at a 15% discount until April 24!

Go ahead, treat yourself!!

N.B. Other treats from different suppliers : Dark chocolate pecans & Chocolate almonds.

Original article on our French blog by  Nancy Doucet aka @la_doucet

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