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Cleanliness with Coffee and More!

We all have a number of expensive cleaners and chemicals under our sinks to help us with our daily chores. But did you know that, if you drink coffee at home, you have a great cleaning agent at your disposal at little to no cost?

Use coffee grounds to clean your pots and pans while they’re still warm. Grease and other sticked on foods will disappear quickly and any residual smells like those of fish will be gone. As coffee grounds are very efficient against cooking grease, use them to clean your stove as well. Polish your stainless steel utensils with coffee grounds and lemon juice and they will sparkle! To scrub cooking plates, use coffee grounds mixed with lemon juice and baking soda. Don’t scrub too hard as ground coffee can be quite abrasive. Test it first then go ahead and use this mix. On the other hand, coffee grounds’ abrasive quality make them perfect to keep your drains clear.

Make your own all purpose cleaner by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of ground coffee, one tablespoon of white vinegar and half a coffee spoon of lemon or lavender essential oils into two liters of warm water.

Wet coffee grounds can be used to polish out fine scratches in your wooden furniture. Scrub the area delicately in small circular motions. Use a small quantity of coffee grounds on a cotton swab and scrub the scratches. The coffee will cover and hide the scratch.

After all the multiple uses for coffee grounds I told you about in my last few posts, do you think there’s more? Of course there is!

Did you know that you can use coffee grounds as a natural dye? Simply add boiling water to them and use this mix to give a brown tint to fabric or an old parchment (sepia) look to paper. The depth of the tint will depend on the quantity of coffee grounds used and how long you soak the fabric.

You can also “soak” your meat in coffee grounds to tenderize it.

Place some wet coffee grounds on your fireplace’s ashes before you pick them up to dispose of them. The grounds will keep the ashes together and avoid your house being filled with ash!

If you like fishing, use your leftover grounds to keep your worms alive longer. Did you also know that even coffee beans can be useful? Add some to the soil where you keep your worms. I have heard that this will “fertilize” the soil and you will get big worms to catch big fish! 🙂

Are you an artist at heart? If you are, use your talent to make candles with coffee beans. They look great and smell very nice! You can also “bedazzle” your small gifts, hair clips or other small objects using coffee beans and hot glue.

This was the last of my tetralogy of posts on the « brown gold » and all its multiple unknown uses. In short, you can get first quality coffee from us and you will have first quality coffee grounds you can do all these things with! What more can anyone ask? 🙂

But seriously, if you know of other tricks using coffee or coffee grounds like the ones I described in these 4 posts, please share them with us and all our readers!

I hope you enjoyed this series!

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