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The Smell of Coffee…

Here is the third post in my 4 parts series and this one deals with tips to fight odors… You have probably heard of the advantages of coffee against bad odors. But do you know them all? Instead of using all these chemicals, why don’t you try an all natural element: the brown gold!

Did you know that coffee grounds can absorb bad odors in the refrigerator or even in your car? In the fridge, place some coffee grounds in an open container at the bottom of your refrigerator. In your car, used dried coffee grounds with lemon or other citrus’ peels and place them in a resealable coffee bag or perforated resealable plastic bag and leave it in the car.

Are the smells from your sports footwear causing you problems? Aromatize your closets by placing a small bowl of ground coffee inside them. Add vanilla extract or coffee scented essential oils for a more intense aroma. You can do the same in the cupboard under the kitchen sink to absorb humidity and odors (that is what I put at the bottom of my small composting bin).

When you shop for perfume, have you noticed that some merchants provide their customers with some grinded or whole beans coffee jars? That is because, after smelling one fragrance, it is difficult to smell another and really tell the difference. Too many smells at once can confuses the senses and can prevent us from choosing the right fragrance for ourselves. So, in order to prevent the smell of the last fragrance you tested to persist, smell the coffee first before moving on to the next fragrance.

When you want to eliminate a persisting taste in your mouth, simply chew a whole coffee bean.

To eliminate a persisting bad odor from your hands, rub them with coffee grounds and lemon juice.

To eliminate bad odors in your home plumbing, pour some coffee grounds in your kitchen sink’s drain to help clean up the pipes.

Do you smoke? Put some dried coffee grounds or some leftover ground coffee in the ash tray. It will absorb the smell of the ash and cigarette butts while leaving a faint coffee aroma in the room.

Do not miss the next article where I will discuss different cleaning tips as well as other possible uses for coffee grounds :o)

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